The Kiddos

The Kiddos

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A New Years Message

There are those that say New Year's Day is nothing more than a new date on the calender, that its silly to think this gives you a new beginning, a slate wiped clean.  But I am one of those that tend to see the possibilities in things.  An empty notebook, a clean sheet of paper, a chalk board unmarred, they are all things that give me such motivation, such promise.  They are symbols of what could be.  An endless opportunity to start a magnificent story, or to make a complete mess of things and then start again when the page is life. 

So therefore every year I have dutifully made my resolutions to lose weight, save more money, drink more water; all those mundane superficial things that really mean nothing. But this year I have learned a lot about myself, my relationships, my friendships, my job.  I have learned that I'm not always as kind as I could be and I am quick to judge.  I have learned that sometimes your marriage has to fall apart, before it can come back together.  I have learned that one of the hardest things in life can be accepting the ones you love will not live forever.  I have learned that a great new friend can be amazing for the soul.  I have learned that its never too late to pursue your dreams. 

So in this spirit, this year I resolve to be a better me.  To be a little more understanding, have a little more patience, to sometimes be the reassuring smile, or the kind gesture.  If we all resolve to make these little changes in ourselves every year, then each year becomes an opportunity to not only become closer and closer to the person we strive to be; but the community, heck even the society we all need.  That being said have Happy New Year and be safe. 

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